Bach Before Bedtime


2016 - 2017 Season

"It is really a good way to introduce little kids to music and instruments. Great job!!!"
Christopher Ahrens

"It was great fun for the whole family. Really enjoyed meeting the musicians after the show."

"Great show! Love the fact that it is so interactive – keeps the kids engaged!"

"Really lovely show for children – exposure to real classical music which is rare."

"Everything was great and amazing! :)"

"Very enjoyable to see the children’s eyes light up. Good start to appreciate music!"

"It was nice story telling show with music. My son enjoyed a lot. Great show!"

"Very nice for kids! We liked the part where the kids get to meet the instruments. Good job :)"

"Keep up the great job!"

"My three year old son loved it – he was entranced!"

"The kids loved the experience, particularly being able to touch the instruments at the end."

"Everything was really interesting for the kids! Thanks a lot!"

"Very good! Entertaining for the kids!"

"Wonderful initiation to chamber music and the musicians – BRAVO!"

"This is a wonderful program. I’ve been coming with my kids for many years now. Thank you. "

"I love how it’s very interactive and keeps the kids’ interest."

"Great show, wonderful community activity, we love it! Very interactive for all ages!"

"Lot’s of fun for the whole family! Perfect first time experience to get children interested in music!"

"It’s an amazing opportunity to show our kids the beautiful world of music."

"A playful sensory stimulus for all."

"It was a great time for the little ones and the timing was perfect to keep their attention!"

"It was very fun for the kids. My son really enjoyed the intro (musicians entrances). We like that it’s interactive."

"An outstanding show for young and old!! Bravo!"

"This is our 2nd time here and the kids love being able to play their instruments and move around!"

"Very interesting, cute, child level. My kids loved it! Great!"

"My three year old loves Bach Before Bedtime!"

"It’s a great experience and a great way to introduce little kids to classic music. Thanks a lot."

Thomas, my 17-month old grandson was dancing, shaking his maracas and his head in tune to the music and would protest and ask for more when it stopped!

The best testimony is from one of my three years little boy, who doesn't speak very much and is doing a lot of "mutisme volontaire"... When I put him down for naptime, he look at me straight in the eyes and said "It was Very Beautiful" he smiled and fell asleep . He touched my heart!

BBB is a fantastic way for kids to see & hear live classical music in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere!

This may be the best children’s concert I have ever been to. Spectacular!! So much fun. Hopefully the beginning of a lifelong love of music for my grandchildren!

It is fun!
Child Age 5

Kiddos love it every time we come and look forward to the next one!

I have loved your performances since my older son (now 8) was a little child. Now I come with my younger son as well. It is so amazing to have a classical music concert for little ones. Thank you!

Back Before Bedtime is AWESOME. I've seen newborns and daycare groups there. It's done in a very nice, modern concert hall, with excellent musicians and moderators, and yet it's normal if your small child wants to move around, talk (within reason), leave and come back during the concert. Interactive, educational, professional, goofy, and bilingual. Definitely geared towards small children and babies in language, but adults will recognize famous pieces, too. Excellent chance to expose small children to classic music and give them an age-appropriate concert the whole family can enjoy. And for pregnant women or new moms looking to get out of the house. Plus, cookies and juice afterwards and they get to see the instruments and musicians up close! The suggested donation is absolutely worth it.

Excellent! The musicians are friendly and very "in-tune" to the kids - ha ha! Well done!

That was great music! My favourite is Krisjana!Rosemary (6 years old)

Wonderfully engaging and imaginative - a great way to spend an afternoon.
Kept my 2 ½ years old attentive and fascinated for the full hour.


What a fabulous program for small children. It brings classical music to life! The children can participate and then interact with both musicians and their instruments. Thank you!

Even a 6-month old baby found this very stimulating and fun!

Thank you, this was wonderful! What a great concert; perfect for children!

We loved how you introduced the instruments gradually, building from a solo to a sextet. Great theatrics today, too!

Very good introduction to the sounds of each instrument and how they work together.

My 3 year old son (and me!) loved the concert. When I asked him which instrument did he like the best, he said he loved how all them sound together. To me, that’s the beginning of a musical ear. Thank you! You are doing a wonderful job for the kids to love music.

This was our first concert. We have heard rave reviews of this initiative - we were not disappointed! Thank You!

2015 - 2016 Season

My Granddaughter was called upon to conduct the BBB quintet. At first she was scared to go on stage but then she was absolutely thrilled! She has been hired to replace James Levine at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC on November 14, 2026.Olaf

Wonderful concert for little ones – well organized, fun and just the right length!

It was good and I like when we sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

My 20-month old loved shaking her maraca along with the music. The background photos are a great addition!

Diana Luna

My sons love this program and love orchestra music because of it! Thank you!

It was amazing and I loved when they played Starships – so cool!

I have enjoyed bringing my children to BBB for years. With a large family, I also appreciate that I can provide this introduction to classical music at an economical price.

BBB is the most wonderful program. We have absolutely enjoyed our first time and can’t wait for the next session!

Two thumbs up!

Exposing young children to live music is not something that is easy for parents. Thanks so much for this incredible gift!


As the Community Liaison Agent, I am mandated to reach isolated families living within the Peter McGill district of downtown Montreal. As such, I hold a weekly parent group where parents with children ages 0-5 can come to meet other parents, and learn about activities and services for families downtown. Most of the parents come with children 5 months – 2 years-old.

We were invited to attend Bach Before Bedtime, and came on Tuesday, February 16. The children that were over a year old really enjoyed dancing and moving to the music, and had a lot of fun playing along with their own toy instruments, while the babies loved touching the actual instruments after the show. The show was best suited for preschool-aged children, 3-5 year-olds, but even the parents with younger children appreciated the opportunity to enjoy a classical concert that was so welcoming to their family.

Familles centre-ville / Families Downtown

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