Quite possibly the most prolific of the major 20th-century composers, Martinu produced some 400 compositions, most of which remain unpublished and unknown. Included in this oeuvre are 84 chamber works. The "Musique de Chambre No.1", one of Martinu's last works, employs six instruments that had probably never been combined before: piano, violin, viola, cello, harp and clarinet. It was written in February, 1959, five months before the composer's death. The first movement is a vibrant explosion of folkloric melody and of colourful contrasts of harp, piano, clarinet and string sound. The second movement alludes both to Debussy and Bartok. The Poco Allegro returns to the sunny, extroverted atmosphere of the opening.

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Allegro Moderato............6:27

Andante Moderato............6:34

Allegro Moderato............6:06