For 37 years, Allegra has remained the only chamber music organization in Montreal that performs an annual series of 6 concerts free of charge to the public.

Our Mission: to provide an enriched musical experience by performing traditional chamber music repertoires with unique musical arrangements, as well as seldom heard and contemporary works, free of charge to the public.

Our Vision: to nurture a lifelong appreciation of chamber music through citywide outreach to unite Montreal's finest chamber musicians with a vibrant, diverse, and multi-generational audience.

Our Concerts are made possible through the generosity of our sponsors and friends, as well as from funds raised through our Annual Gala Concert, held every September.

Leadership and Administration
Artistic Director:Dorothy Fieldman Fraiberg
Artistic Advisor:Simon Aldrich
Administration:Andrea Loach
Board of Directors:Stephanie Riddell - Chairperson
Rona Davis, Kata Endrodi, Morris Goodman, George Hendy, Donna Muller, Judie Jokinen, Samira Sakhia, Sally Yaffe
Advisory Committee:Anna Birnie-Lefcovitch, Nicole Baillargeon, Naomi Bissell, Sara Colby, Trudy Cusmariu-Ain, Jonathan Goodman, Christopher Pickwoad, Olaf Skorzewski, Samantha Welscheid
A full complement of musicians can be found here.